KILO 10 Training

DeUnit has an exclusive training method, the education, the why's on the procedure, the hands on approach, the education second phase, OJT monitoring, the correction phase, and advanced knowledge base phase. The type of curriculum is a process that ensures that the individual knows the program, knows the usage, knows the do and don't, and will administer their trainer in a safe but effective way according to you policies and procedures. 

We train in various categories, main and sub, and those training curriculum's have been create by seasoned knowledgeable individuals in the industry. Those categories are:

  • Disgruntle Employee Intervention

  • Corporate Security

  • Executive Protection

  • Risk Management

  • Corporate Intelligence 

  • Corporate Espionage Prevention

  • Asset Protection

  • Asset Retrieval

  • Convoy Security

  • Transport Logistics

  • Executive Safe Travel (EST)

  • Search and Rescue Incident Command

  • Disaster Response

  • Community Emergency Response ( CERT )

  • Effective Surveillance Techniques

  • Corporate Covert Operations

Note: Some of these training Courses are not meant individuals and you have to be sponsored by and agency or business. Some of these Training Courses are not total classes room courses and more of a hands on 1 to 1 training. Please call for details.


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