DeUnit Risk Management services gives organization the ability to identify, assess and control threats to an organization's capital, assets, and earnings. These threat are analyzed in many ways and some of them are very known. DeUnit has the ability to think out the box with it's seasoned Risk Managers who know the technical side of  intrusion and are very knowledge of the primitive side of intrusion, which is normally over looked. 

Our Risk Management Services Include:

  • Covert Corporate Security Operations

  • Surveillance

  • Counter Intelligence

  • Counter Corporate Espionage and Detection

  • Security System Monitoring

  • Red Team Security Breech Scenario Operations

  • Security Analysis and Reporting

  • Comprehensions Background Check Reporting

  • Travel Intelligence Analysis

DeUnit Services recommends that professions who know what to look for should follow target areas, or principles, should be part of the overall risk management process:

  • The process should create value for the organization.

  • It should be an integral part of the overall organizational process.

  • It should factor into the company's overall decision-making process.

  • It must explicitly address any uncertainty.

  • It should be systematic and structured.

  • It should be based on the best available information.

  • It should be tailored to the project.

  • It must take into account human factors, including potential errors.

  • It should be transparent and all-inclusive.

  • It should be adaptable to change.

  • It should be continuously monitored and improved upon.

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