DeUnit Proposed Training Design

DeUnit Services has plans with building a very capable  multi-use training facility able to accommodate and train various skill and trades used in protecting and crisis response. 

This training facility will be closed to the public and open to LEO, Security, Emergency Response Units, and military.

The DeUnit Facility will hold training in:

  • K-9 Training

  • Closed Quarters Crisis Response

  • Vehicle Mount Response 

  • Active Shooter Response 

  • Basic to advance Security Training

  • Crisis or Community emergency Response Training ( FEMA Cert.)

  • Closed Quarters Breaching Techniques

  • SWAT Training

  • Executive Diplomatic Protection Training

  • Urban Defensive and Offensive Training 

  • Hostage Retrieval Training

  • Indoor Climate Control Critical Stress Shooting Fire Arms Range

  • Obstical Fire Arms Critical Training Course

  • Repelling Tower

  • Aerial Assault Training

  • and More

Our Mission for this Training Facility is to be a one stop shop for Midwest Training and prepare operators for safe and successful operations in the field, while being well trained and confident. DeUnit Services Trains operators to be calm confident and effective without making successful,calculated and unwise decisions in split seconds while in critical crisis situations.....

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